Sister's And Sister's -In-Law


My two sister are  married  to brothers you see ,
One of their name's is Carol, the other one is Vee.

They were sisters at first and close from the start,
They are sister in laws too, a bond woven deep in their heart.

Their children are not only cousins but double cousins too,
They always have get together's, with lots of things to do.

Not everyone gets along with their sister in law it's true,
But it must be a little easier, when she is your sister too.

I think that it is nifty, when by your sister you can stand,
When she's also you're sister in law, that makes it really grand.

So they are really special sister ,Carol and Vee,
And I hope they know how very special they are to me too. 

Written for my two sister
Carol Alvarez
Vee Alvarez

by Gloria Collins 1-15-2006