Some Thoughts On Friendship   

Friendship blooms and grows sometimes
And then they seem to stand still.
But the friendship that we share my friend
Remains and always will.

Sometimes it seems life's like a wind
That blows us to and fro.
But I'll always find my way back to you
And just wanted you to know.

I cherish the times that we get to talk
And think of you the times we don't.
I could never forget such a friend as you
And I promise you that I won't.

So I'll make you this promise
That I'll keep in touch my friend.
But the only thing I can't promise
Is to ever stop being your friend.

  by Gloria Collins  4/24/05  
To my dearest friend Carrie

If you have to work at a friend
Then it's not really a friendship
For friendship like love comes from the heart
It can't be bought or faked.