Standing At The Foot Of The Cross


I'm standing at the foot of the cross,
Feeling so lonely and lost.
My Saviour is dying, His people are crying.
I'll love him no matter what the cost.
That's why I'm standing at the foot of the cross,
Praying my Saviour's not lost.

Now I'm standing at the cave where He lays,
It's hard to believe He's been there three days.
Wait! I see the stone's been rolled away.
He's no longer in the cave.
He shed His blood on Calvary,
It washed our sins and set us free.
Now, He lives eternally,
I'm no longer standing at the cave, where He laid.

I stand at the foot of His cross,
To give thanks that He paid the cost.
He went home to Glory-land.
To build me a home on golden sand.
He shed His blood and set me free,
Someday glory bound I'll be.
No longer standing at the foot of the cross.

I want to stand at the foot of the throne.
I'd give away all that I own.
To have the Master walk with me,
Down beside the Crystal Sea.
Never to be in pain again,
Be with my Mother and my friends.
Walk across the golden shore,
And be home forever more.

By Gloria Collins  7/29/02      Home