stolen by autism

my sweet little boy where did you go?
into a lonely world that only you know.
you used to smile and laugh and play,
now most of the time, those smiles fade away.
anger and frustration has taken their place,
and you seem so mad at the whole human race.

oh how I miss that sweet little boy,
so contented to play and so full of joy.
autism it came like a thief in the night,
and snuffed out the light, in your eyes so bright.
and left behind a shell of what you used to be,
and robbed all the joy, from you and from me.

oh how I wish that I could find,
a way back into your little mind.
how I wish I could restore the joy,
that was stolen from you my sweet little boy.
and make you once again, happy and glad,
and never again, have to see you so sad.

every day life for you is such a fight,
oh how I wish I could make it alright.
but I know some where hidden deep inside.
my sweet little boy still resides.
maybe someday soon he'll come back to me,
and that happy little face, once more I will see.

Written and copyrighted by
Gloria Jean Collins

for my precious son Lane whose life
and ours has been changed forever by autism.
I pray one day that there will be a cure,
an no one will ever have to suffer from it again.