the story of lily brown
this is strictly a fictional story)

The year was 1952 ,it was early October
Lilly Brown was awaiting the birth of her 6th child.
she wondered if it would be another girl,
or maybe finally that boy she had always wanted.
either way it didn't mater she knew she would love it ,

but what was she thinking,
why hadn't she taken birth control,
she already had 5 little girls who needed her,
and she hardly had money enough to feed them,
thanks to that ex husband of hers,
who ran off to be with another woman,
she was always having to chase him down
to get the 50 dollars a week he was supposed to pay her,
but if she didn't catch him in time he'd spend it on booze,
then the kids wouldn't have anything to eat.

now here she was eight months pregnant with another mouth to feed
and not even sure who the father was ,
oh why had she been so foolish that night ,all she wanted
to do was to feel alive again, so she went out with some friends
and she had a little too much to drink,
there were some soldiers who bought them a couple of drinks
but that's about all she remembered

and now here she was pregnant with her 6th child
and no husband ,what was she going to do?
well it's had been a long day
she needed to get off her feet. so she got ready for bed,
as she slipped her faceted gown over her swollen belly ,
she rubbed her hands lovingly over it and whispered
" don't you worry little one,
everything will be fine, mama loves you,

then she went in and checked on the girls ,
they were all asleep she kissed them on their little foreheads.
and pulled their covers up on their sleeping little bodies.
then she made her way back to her room and knelt beside her bed ,
and folded her hands in prayer ,she said " lord thank you for my children ,
and keep the little one inside of me safe lord,
you have giving me so many blessing lord
and I know some times I don't thank you enough,
but I am grateful ,for everything you have given me ,
so all I ask lord is for you to guide me ,
and let me give my children all that they need to grow to be adults,
I have wanted all my life to be a mother
and I thank you lord for giving me the chance to be one.
so tonight I just ask you to give me the strength,
to give them the kind of mother they deserve. amen"

then she pulled herself off of the floor and slipped her tired body into bed .
as she laid their waiting to fall asleep, she thought ,
I know tomorrow will be a better day..
the sun was coming up and right into her eyes,
she moaned as she rolled over,
I can't believe it's morning already.
maybe she could just close her eyes and sleep for a few more minutes,
just then running into the room and flopping down on her,
came her youngest daughter Susie, mama, mama,mama,
she squealed, Janie is after me. alright girls she said,
go play and mama will get up and fix you some breakfast,
ok mama we will, and off they ran.
lily laughed as she stood to her feet those girls are so silly ,
what would I do without them ?

as she went into the kitchen Sara the oldest girl was already cooking,
you just sit down and rest mama I'll fix the girls some breakfast and you too.
lily grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at the table ,
smiling as she watched Sara, although she was only 10 years old ,
she was such a big help to lily. Sara fixed all the plates
then called the other girls in to eat.
lily looked around the table at her beautiful little family ,
and once again gave thanks to the lord for giving her such good girls ,
10 year old sara,9 year old katie,7 year old janie,6 year old molly
and the baby 5 year old Susie, how blessed she was.

just about that time a knock at the door jolted her back to her surroundings.
I'll get it mama ,yelled Sara on her way upstairs to get dressed for school,
ok Sara ,lily said tell who ever it is I'll be right there.
as she got to the front door lily saw Sara hugging someone.
when they heard lily Sara turned around and said,
look mama it's aunt Maggie,
Maggie was lily's only sister ,
and since their parents had died her only relative left.
hi lily ,said Maggie ,oh my how big you have gotten,
placing her hand on lily's swollen belly,
this baby is going to be a big one I bet.
I just hope it gets here soon said lily and that it's healthy

with that said she hugged Maggie ,and said how long are you in town for,
well that's kind of up to you,. said Maggie.
I lost my job and I was wondering if I could stay with you and the girls for awhile.
I could help with the girls ,and the house, if that's ok with you,
sure said lily you are always welcome here .
ok said Maggie get the girls ready and I'll take them to school,
then when I get back we can catch up on old times.
ok said lily, I'll fix some coffee while your gone.

after they all left lily thought how great it will be to have Maggie here ,
for so long it has just been her and the children,
since Pete had left her for that other woman,
he would stop by now and then to see the girls ,
but not often, the last time he visited he saw she was pregnant,
and said ,don't think your going to blame that one on me.
don't worry said lily, I have no intention on doing that,
I can't even get you to take care of your own 5.
boy that made her mad.

well I can't even think of that now said lily to herself ,
Maggie will be back and things will be a lot better.
it will be so good to have her here to help out ,
she looked up and said thank you lord
lily hurried and took her shower,
she was so excited to have Maggie here
finally she would have someone she could just sit and talk too.
she loved her kids but she just needed some adult companionship too.

she stepped out of the shower and put a towel over her wet hair.
then after she dressed she blow dried her hair and hurried down to put on the coffee.
just as she was putting on the coffee the phone rang,
she looked at the clock and thought who could be calling so early.
she answered the phone and it was Pete,
"dear lord please not today, she thought to her self"
then she said "hello Pete, what do you want now"
I want to get the girls tomorrow and take them to the park said Pete
lily tried to stay calm, she knew how much the girls loved their daddy.
but he always made them promises and never kept them.
and the girls were always the ones that got hurt.
lily said "Pete you can get the girls tomorrow but if you don't show up,
it will be the last time you are not going to keep hurting these girls,
with your empty promises ,I will see you in court first do you understand me."
"yes lily, I hear you said Pete and I promise I will be there"
just have the girls ready at 10 in the morning, I'll be there.

as lily hung up the phone she was shaking,
she had never talked to Pete that way
but the last time he said he was coming the girls waited for hours
then cried their self's to sleep that night
he may have hurt me, thought lily but he will never hurt my girls again .
about that time she heard someone clapping,
she turned around and it was Maggie,
way to go lily ,Maggie said, you finally stood up to that creep.
lily laughed and hugged Maggie and said I did didn't I .
then they both laughed.

well lets have some coffee and catch up on whets been going on.
lily and Maggie sat and chatted half the morning,
about all that had been going on in their life's
the lily said oh my goodness, it's almost time for the kids already,
and I haven't done a thing around here all day
Maggie laughed and said, don't worry sis I am here to help.
yes you are said lily and I am so happy Maggie,
I have missed you so much.
then lily hugged her.

as lily started to stand up, she had a sharp pain in her pelvic.
and fluid ran down onto the floor.
lily grabbed hold of the wall beside her and calmly said ,
Maggie call 911,looks like this one isn't waiting any longer.
Maggie was so nervous, she had never seen a baby being born before.
she did as lily asked, then she sat next to lily and said,
what can I do sis, Lilly tried to laugh, as she said
nothing really Maggie ,it's all up to this one now, and she rubbed her belly.

about 5 minutes latter the ambulance arrived and just in time too.
this baby was not about to wait ,it was coming now,
they prepared lily as best as they could and delivered him.
yes finally a little boy after all those girls, Lilly finally had her boy.
and he was a big one, 9 and a half pounds and 22 inches long.
Maggie was amazed at the birth of her new nephew.
it was the most amazing site she had ever seen.
tears ran down her face as she looked at lily,
and she said sis. he is beautiful, just beautiful.
the ambulance attendant said ,
ok lily, lets get the two of you to the hospital.
and let the doctor check you out
wait said Maggie, Lilly what are you going to name him
lily laughed and said, I think john after dad.
that's perfect said Maggie, he would have been proud
I think so too Maggie ,said lily
ok Maggie said you go get checked out
and I'll go get the girls from school.
then we'll, go see you at the hospital
they will be surprised that they have a brother.
but I'll let you surprise them with that .
ok said lily ,and Maggie thanks, for helping
no problem said Maggie ,that's what I am here for sis..

after the ambulance was gone,
Maggie left to go pick up the girls from school,
she said your mommy had to go to the hospital.
already said Sara, but it's not time yet for the baby.
is mama ok aunt Maggie, and what about the baby?
don't worry Sara said aunt Maggie they are both fine.
a few minutes later they arrived at the hospital
the girls were so excited, Lilly smiled knowing
they would be even more surprised,
to find out they have a little brother.
Maggie asked for lily's room number.
and off they all went to see her

lily was laying on the bed as they came in to the room.
oh my beautiful girls she said, I am so glad you are here.
come closer I want you to meet your little brother.
brother they all chimed in a once, we have a brother
yes you do, his name is john lee brown,
john after my dad and lee after my mom.
but I think we'll call him Johnny for now.
the girls took turns holding little Johnny
and lily watched, as tears weld up in her eyes.
she was so happy, she finally had the family she wanted.

Maggie came over and hugged her and said are you alright sis.
lily smiled thru her tears and said yes I am Maggie ,
more then happy, I feel so at peace now ,
god has really blessed me Maggie,
with such a beautiful family,
an no one can take that away from me .
not Pete or anyone else ,
for the first time in my life I feel complete.
we are a family and we will make it ,
god has promised me that Maggie.
then she sat and watched her little family bond
and she knew for the first time in a long time.
god would see them through

the end

written and copyrighted by
Gloria Collins