Story Time

Sit here little sister and I'll tell you some things.
Of princes and fairies and wishes and dreams.
I'll tell you a story now don't be afraid,
Sit there real quiet and try to be brave.

I'll tell you of a prince who rescued a maiden
From a glass coffin in which she was laying.
I'll tell you about a girl who's name was Jill
She and her friend Jack, they fell down a hill.

But don't worry little sister these are just fables
And now I think mama has food on the table.
So let's go eat supper and when it's time for bed
I'll read you a story form a book I once read.

And if you be real quiet and don't make a peep
I'll sit by your bed till you fall asleep.


Written for my sister Bobbi, 
in memory of our sister Tootsie.

By Gloria Collins   6/27/03