Sweet  Tina

Through the troubles of an online friend , a lady named Tina I did meet
We talked about the problems of our friend and I learned that Tina was very sweet.

She does her best to give to those who need and she puts her whole heart on the line
Some times it works out and sometime it don't, but she tries again time after time.

I think that she is a gift from God to those who need a helping hand
And so she lends a hand, to all that she can ,along with her husband Dan.

She takes foster kids into her home and treats them as if they were her own.
they are showered with lots of love and toys and they never have to feel alone.

Her hubby Dan calls her Sweet Tina and he loves her with all of his heart
But I just call her friend cause that's what she has been from the start.

Tina is a R.N. nurse, with a great big heart and such a sweet, sweet soul,
so this is my way of saying, that her friendship means more to me then gold.



By Gloria Collins--8/12/06            home