Ten years of missing you

I held your hand as i sat by your bed.
Millions of memories ran thru my head.
The times that we laughed, the times that we cried.
The times you wiped the tears, away from my eyes.

I thought to my self, how can a life, just end this way
I wanted to hold on so tight, to you that day.
But God had other plans, he must have needed you more.
Your death has made my heart feel sad, lonely and sore.

The hardest thing i had to do that day.
Was to let you go and then walk away.
I wanted to say wait, please.... make her breathe.
But tears filled my eyes, and I knew that couldn't be.

I wish you were here, to hold my hand and dry my tears.
To hold me close and chase away my fears.
I miss you so much, I  just wish i could see.
you're beautiful face looking at me.

It's so hard to believe ten years has gone by.
And the thought of you, still makes me cry.
To know that you are so very far away,
But God has promised, I'll see you in heaven someday.

Written and copyrighted by
Gloria J. Collins

In Loving memory of my mom
Agnes (Buie) Reynolds