Thank's For The Friendship

friendships come and friendships go, ours has lasted a while.
every time I think of you it makes me want to smile.
one night I surfed the internet and found your cyber home.
I found a friend in you and now I'm not so all alone.

our lives they seemed so much alike, our dreams and wishes too.
I thank the Lord each day, for giving me a friend like you.
we've talked about our heartaches, we've dried away our tears.
I hope you know my friend, our friendship will last for years.

when God he calls me home ,one thing I will know true.
my life has been complete, because I have a friend like you.
so here's to you sweet Carrie, to thank you for all you do.
and to tell you my dear friend, how very much I love you.

written and copyrighted
Gloria Collins
OCT. 2008

to my dearest friend
Carrie kinyon

thanks for the friendship