Thanks to my family

We have been through a lot in the last eight years
we’ve shared a family heartbreak, we’ve dried each others tears
when the one who gave us all life,lost the battle with her own.
we will always miss her. but she is in a better home

her battle with cancer had took a toll on her I know
still the hardest thing I ever did was to watch her go.
but having the love of a family, that she created out of love
helped to ease the burden ,when the lord called her above.

So I want to thank my sisters and my brother for being there.
I want you each to know, how very much I care.
she made us and molded us, into the people that we are,
and now she shines so bright as heavens brightest star.

In Loving Memory Of Mom

Agnes Buie Reynolds

poem written and copy righted by
Gloria Collins 2009