That's Friendship

I called and said I'm worried and you knew just what to do.
You talked to me a little while and chased away the blues.
Our friendship it grows deeper and stronger every day.
You have been a loving friend in each and every way.

What would I do without you, I sure don't want to know.
Our friendship is amazing, each day it grows and grows.
We are so much alike, we could read each other's mind.
A closeness that will last, throughout the end of time.

God knew what He was doing that night on Cyber Streets,
While surfing on the internet He arranged for us to meet.

For my best friend in the whole world, Carrie Kinyon.
Thanks for being my friend and for lending a shoulder to cry on. 
And an ear to listen when I needed someone. 
I love you my friend, now and forever.

By Gloria Collins  7/23/03