The Stranger

I woke up this morning tired and sore,
wondering what the day, for me had in store.



what could I do to to make this day better,
feeling sorry for myself as I went to go mail a letter.


then I saw an old man with no shoes on his feet,
sitting on the road side begging for something to eat.



I ran back inside and poured a cup of coffee for him
grabbed some old shoes out of the closet I think were a size 10.


I fixed him a sandwich , and some cookies for a snack,
and rummaged in the closet for a coat for his back.



I went back out and said here sir these are for you
and he said that's nice but I have no money for you.



I said oh no, don't worry these are for free,
just consider them a Christmas present from me.



he put on the shoes and said, look just the right size,
but I couldn't see them for the tears that I cried.



he said ,this is the nicest any one has ever been,
and with a smile he said, thank you friend .



I said you're welcome kind sir and enjoy your day,
he said I'll do that ,now I'd better be on my way.



I turned to go inside, then turned back just to see,
but the stranger was gone, how could that be ?



was he ever really there was it all in my mind ?
not one footprint from him in the snow did I find.



what did this mean how could this be?
was this just a message meant for me?



but just then I heard a knock on the door,
I opened it and sitting on the porch floor.



were a brand new pair of shoes size 10,
and a note that just read, god bless you friend !



sometimes when you feel sorry for yourself ,
just think of what someone else is going through.
and do something nice for someone else,
for what you reap so shall you sow.


           by Gloria Collins -- 11-24-05