The Abused

In the shadows she stands, ashamed of her life.
All she wanted was to be a mother and wife.
The heartache she's suffered, the pain and abuse,
She'll leave him tomorrow, but what is the use.

Because he'll only follow and beg on his knees,
Don't leave me, I'm sorry, I'm begging you please!
Abuse it played a big role in her life,
She thought it was just part of being a wife.

She learned from her mother, who was abused too,
It's such a vicious circle what we can do.
Too scared to leave, too scared to stay.
Stay or go, she'll lose either way.

If she stays she will suffer
 And live under his thumb.
If she leaves he will find her, 
There's no place to run.

Dedicated to all those that are or have been abused,
 Please get away and find help.  No one deserves to be mistreated.

By Gloria Collins