The Bible Stories

Since I was a little girl, I heard their stories told.
Those people in the bible, who lived so long ago.
Like little Moses who was found in the bulrush,
And David who killed the giant with his sling.
Such wonderful stories if you will listen,
Love and peace to your heart they will bring.

There was Adam and Eve who lived in the garden.
Till a creature who slithered made Eve sin.
She told Adam it was ok to eat the fruit,
And that's where on earth our sins begin.
Then God kicked them out of the garden.
Nevermore to see it's beauty again.

There was Cain who killed his brother Able.
These stories are true they are not fables.
His brother he was dead, no tears did Cain shed,
Or mourn the death of Able.
He was the wicked one, this cold blooded murdering son,
Who took the life of Able.

There's so many wonderful stories in the bible.
I wish all their stories I could tell.
Like Jesus and the woman at the well,
But if I told them all to you on paper
Then you would never read the bible on your own.
So if you want to know the greatest stories ever written.
Open the bible and you will find them all.

By Gloria Collins