The Divorce

They called us in the room and said we need to tell you something.  Daddy and I love you all very much but we're not going to live together any more.  You see when grownups grow up sometimes they grow apart and the love they once shared is not longer in their hearts.  It's nothing that you have said or done, it's just that daddy and I are unhappy together so we're going to live apart.

I know that divorce can be a scary word but I want you to know that no matter what you've heard, daddy and I love you and that will never change.  Daddy and I will do every thing we can to help you get through this and help you understand.  Marriage can be a beautiful thing and last a lot of years but sometimes it's all wrong and brings you lots of tears.

When I look into your sweet faces it always makes me smile. To know that our love created you makes it all worth while.  So life will go on and we are still a family, maybe not living all together but we will be there to comfort each other along.  If you ever have a problem just remember you can call on us.

by Gloria Collins  10/1/03

I hope this will help children see that divorce is between the grown-ups and not the fault of their actions.  Somet6imes kids feel that if they were better or went to sleep when they were supposed to that mommy and daddy would still be together, when really it has nothing to do with them.