The Dream


Last night I dreamed of a far away land.
As I walked down a road I met a man.
He said, "Sit down my child, for a little while."
Then he took my hand and I saw him smile.

He said, "Look around you as far as you can see,
My father made this land for you and me."
The grass was so green, and the sky was so blue.
I just knew every word he spoke was true.

He said, "Look down at your feet, at the streets paved in gold.
And all the beauty around you is yours to behold."
He said, "Some call it heaven but I call it home,
and with all I have here I need never to roam."

We talked for a while as we sat by a stream,
Then I awoke in my bed, was it only a dream?

By Gloria Collins   5/8/1999