The Football Hero and The Prom Queen


She had always been a good girl and did real good in school.
Till one day she met a guy who played her like a fool.
She thought the day she met him he was a living dream.
He was the quarterback of the football team.

Soon they were dating, she and this dream
It was a happy time, she had even been nominated prom queen.
Since the time they first dated he pressured her for sex
She wanted to wait for marriage and he made her a nervous wreck.

Then late one night after coming home from the show
They went parking and he promised to take things slow.
Then he got mad and threatened to leave when she told him no
So she said she would and begged him not to go.

Two weeks later she wasn't feeling so good
She went to the doctor because her mom said she should.
The doctor ran some test and said you're pregnant, it's not the flu.
You're awful young girl, what are you going to do.

She went to tell the quarterback, he just shouted out real mad
He said girl you're on your own, I'm to young to be a dad.
Now nine months later at the age of sweet sixteen
She's an unwed mother, and he's the star of the football team.

Teenage pregnancy is still a common every day problem.
Children having children is not good.
Parenthood is something not to be taken lightly.
A child is a precious gift from God above.
by Gloria Collins 10/16/03 

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