The Greatest Woman I Ever Knew

She was the greatest woman I ever knew
She loved us one and all.
She didn't come from riches or fame
Still she stood so proud and tall.

she taught us all of love and life
And tucked us in at night.
She never was too far away
That she couldn't hold her babies tight.

She was the most beautiful rose
In God's garden here on earth.
She was always watching over the ones
To whom she'd given birth.

Then one December afternoon
God took her home with Him.
Her pain and heartaches are over
And her new life now begins.

We really miss you mama
And always think about you.
It's hard but we must try
To carry on without you.

We'll still have our memories
And all the love we shared.
We know the day you had to leave
You knew how much we cared.

So sleep now precious angel
For you deserve the rest.
Of all the mothers in the world
We thought you were the best.

Your children, family and friends
Will never forget you.

By Gloria Collins 3/16/02