The Lord Blessed My Live

The day of your birth is drawing near.
It's hard to believe that you won't be here.
There were so many things I wanted to say.
I never had the chance before you went away.

I wanted to tell you that I loved you so dear.
Every time I tried you broke down and in tears.
I wanted to ask you to try and hold on.
I just couldn't face that soon you'd be gone.

I wanted to take that pain from your eyes.
I wanted to hold you each time that you cried.
I left from your room several times that day.
Out into the hallway I went there to pray.

I prayed, "Please Lord, don't let her suffer this way.
If you can't cure her, then take her away."
The moment it came, and that last breath you took,
My heart it just broke and I stood there and shook.

My mind it went blank and the tears poured like rain.
Never before in my life had I felt so much pain.
I wanted to shout, I wanted to scream.
Please God, don't take her, let this be just a dream.

I knew in my mind it was all for the best.
For your body was tired and you needed to rest.
But my heart kept crying don't leave your little girl.
Your all that I have in this cold, lonely world.

Then I heard your voice so sweet and so true.
And it whispered, "My girl I will always love you.
I will never forget you and all that you are,
You're my heaven, my rainbow, my bright shining star.

The Lord He blessed me so much in my life.
He made me a mother and also a wife.
He gave me eight children, seven girls and a boy.
And each one of you were my pride and joy.

My body may be gone but my heart is still here.
Inside each one of you that I loved so dear.
So on the day of my birth be happy and carefree,
Because that's how your mama would want you to be.

By Gloria Collins  

This poem was titled by Pam Reabe from Custom Cable.
Thank you Pam!