The Loss Of An Old Friend

The news came today that an old friend passed away.

It made me very sad even though
I hadn't seen her in forever and a day.

It made me think of when we were little girls
We would just laugh and play
We thought we owned the world.

We were very close back in our younger days
But then when we grew up
It seemed we went our separate ways.

I wish we had of stayed in touch through out the years.
But now the time's too late
And the news it brings me tears.

I shall never forget her and I hope that she's at peace.
And that her family's heartache can get 
Some sweet relief.

I know that she's in heaven with her family and friends
And with the help of our dear saviour 
Our hearts will start to mend.

In loving memory of Jenny Lee (Varnes) Cranford
May you sleep with the angels my friend.

By Gloria Collins 8/2/03