The Love In My Mama's Eyes

If I could close my eyes and see my mother's face once more
And look into those eyes of hers, the ones I adored.
I know that I would see the love that shone so deep inside
The love she had for all of us who have missed her since she died.

The love that shone from mama's eyes was such a beautiful sight
Sometimes I wake and think I see them in the middle of the night.
Watching me while I sleep, always keeping me in sight.

I would give up all I own just to see her face
And feel her arms around me in such a tender embrace.
Three years it's been since she left us and I dream of those eyes of love
And of the day I'll finally see them when I join her in heaven above.

In memory of my mom
Agnes Juanita (Buie) Reynolds
04/29/1924 - 12/23/2000

by Gloria Collins 
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