The Night Before Christmas 2006

twas the night before Christmas and all though the house
everyone was quite, all but this one little mouse.
his name was lane and he could be a little pain
since he came to this old house, life just hasn't been the same.

now, the stockings they were hung by the chimmy with care
in the hopes that Santa would soon be there,
but lane couldn't sleep and decided to go for a run
up and down the stockings till he knocked over everyone.

now the children they were nestled in their beds everyone
and mom and dad were laughing about all of past Christmas fun
when all of a sudden mom screamed out with a shriek
there was lane the mouse curled up at her feet.

then dad jumped up but so did the mouse
and dad and that mouse ran all over that house
into one room then out of another
and pretty soon the whole house was in such a clutter

mom finally yelled stop!, I can't take all the noise
you'll wake up the children and they'll see all of their toys.
just leave him alone he's just a scared little mouse
maybe he'll just stay at the other side of the house.

so dad agreed and they crawled into bed
and mom pulled the covers up over her head
but I heard her say before she turned out the light
merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


written by
Gloria Collins