The Right To Pray


Dear Lord, I've come to you on bended knees
And I ask dear Lord, for one thing please.
I ask for strength to take a stand.
To save your name through out this land.

They say we have no right to pray.
Out in public here today.
But they hung you from a tree.
Out in public for all to see.

Many people laughed at your name.
While you hung in all that pain.
You died for all their sins that day.
Now they tell us we can't pray.

Help me Lord to make them see.
Bring them Lord down to their knees.
Well, I will not forsake thee.
No more than you have forsaken me.

I will continue my right to pray.
They will not take that away.
So stay close to me Lord I pray.
While I fight this cause today.

by Gloria Collins 8/29/03