The Story   


I love to tell the story, about the miracle birth.
When our Saviour came from Heaven, to live down here on earth.
He was just a tiny baby, born on a cold and starry night,
But people came from miles away to behold the joyous sight.

Then when He grew older, He preached God's word to them,
And He became the teacher, and the miracles begin.
The lame could walk, the sick was healed, He made the blind ones to see.
He turned the water into wine and walked across the sea.

Then all too soon His life would end when He was thirty three,
They nailed Him to a wooden cross, He died to set us free.
They called Him names and cursed at Him, They tried His will to break,
But the faith He had in the Lord above was one thing they couldn't shake.

So He died that day on Calvary, He paid the dearest cost.
He died my friend for you and me so our souls would not be lost.
His love it's so wondrous, His blood he gave for me.
I'm so proud to tell His story, how he died to set us free.

Yes, it's a never ending story, one of His miracle birth.
But if you take the time to listen, you'll find out what your worth.

By Gloria Collins 2000