The Story Of Jesus
(This is my view on the life of Jesus)


Long ago in a holy land,
Jesus walked as a flesh made man.
He lived and he loved, he laughed and he cried.
Then nailed to a cross this great man died.

He cried up to the heavens to His father above,
I die for the sins of the ones that I love.
So forgive them my father for you know that I do.
Then the sky opened wide and his soul did assend
His heavenly father welcomed him in.

Now he sits on his throne and watches from above,
All of his people he died for and loves.
This story is not fiction it's facts are all true,
He died on that cross for me and for you.

So make Jesus your Saviour before it's too late.
Or the devil will be waiting for you at hell's gate.

By Gloria Collins 5/21/02