The Story Still Goes On Today

Long ago on a cold and starry night,
A star shone down on Christmas night.
Over a manger in Bethlehem it stopped.
while the Shepard's near by we're tending their flock.
an angel appeared to the Shepard's to say.
That a baby a king in a nearby manger laid.
The angel said, follow the bight star, it will lead to the king.
He will be called Jesus and to the earth, salvation he'll bring.

So that's how the story, of long ago was told.
and it stills goes on today, this story never grows old.
The savior promised, he'd be back for his sheep.
And I for one know, it's a promise he'll keep.
So go seek the one, who is Gods only son.
Let heaven and earth declare he's the one.
Let every nation prepare for our king.
Peace on Earth and good will he will bring.

Written and copyrighted by
Gloria J. Collins
Nov,29th 2009