The Tears Of A Child

I hear their little cries sometimes till late at night.
Crying for their mommy wishing she would hold them tight.
But mommy has a new life and though she tries to fit them in.
They miss her so badly and that's when their teardrops begin.

Why don't mommy live here I heard a small voice say.
Is she ever coming back daddy?  Please let it be today.
Do you think that mommy loves us? I know we make her mad.
You think she'll come back home if we promise not to be bad?

I really breaks my heart to see them cry those tears.
I know they miss their mommy and wishes she was here.
But mommy has a lot of problems and has to work them out.
But I know she really loves them, of this I have no doubt.

So go to sleep my precious ones and dry away those tears.
Cause your mommy loves her little ones, her decision will be clear.
God gave her something special, a family she adores.
And one day soon again they'll be a family once more.

Sometimes as grownups we forget that during times of heartache and problems in our lives the children suffer the most.  Sometimes their tears and suffering go unseen and unheard as they cry themselves silently to sleep.

by Gloria Collins  11/06/03