The Voice In The Dark

When the whole world seems dark and gray
And in the darkness you have lost your way
Just get down upon your knees and pray
Please dear Lord be with me today.

For in the darkness, he is the light.
He can make everything alright.
Just call on him ,he's always near
His mighty hand will dry your tears.

Call out his name, he'll be right there
He's a mighty lord and he really cares
His loves his children every one
And only asks that his will be done.

When darkness comes and you feel alone
Call Jesus up he's always home
And watch the darkness fade away
When you ask the lord, into your heart to stay.

Then when darkness comes a voice you'll hear
The voice of the Savior saying "I'm here,
Don't worry my child, close your eyes and sleep
The shepherd is here to watch over his sheep"

by Gloria Collins 11/29/04 --------Home