The Woman In The Old Rocking Chair

A woman she sits in an old rocking chair
Just rocking and singing without a care.
A little girl sits down at her feet
She has big blue eyes and a smile so sweet.

The woman she strokes the little girl's hair
And the two of them sing without any cares.
The little girl she sits at the woman's feet
The woman she sings the little girl to sleep.

That's how it was every night of the week
The woman singing and the girl at her feet.
One day from school the girl came home
And the woman saw the girl was grown.

Time seems to go passing by so fast
Save your memories they'll have to last.
All too soon our children are grown
Soon they are married and we're all alone.

I was the woman in the old rocking chair
You were the little girl sitting there.
All too soon you became a woman too fast
I know those memories we made will last.

So on this Mother's Day I wanted to say
I love you more each passing day.
You filled my life, my hopes and dreams
No words can say how much you mean.

I love you, Happy Mother's Day.
Love Mom.

By Gloria Collins 5/12/02