The World He Created


I think of the nights, I think of the days.
I think of the years gone by.
When God created this beautiful world ,
And I sit and wonder why.

Why did He make the sky so blue?
Why is the grass so green?
I sit and I think about life,
And I wonder, what does it all mean?

I don't think the way the world is today,
Is the way it was meant to be.
I think when God created this world,
It was meant to beautiful and free.

And when man was made in His image,
He was meant to be loving and true.
Today as I look around me, my heart cries,
Father we can never be as perfect as you.

Then I heard Him whisper, 
"My child you were never meant to,
I created this world and all that's in it,
And gave it with love to you.

By Gloria Collins 2/19/00