The Wreck

She was just 16, headed to the prom with a group of friends.
Such an exciting night she couldn't wait for it to begin.
They were driving way too fast and lost control.
They flipped over and started to roll.

The car kept rolling till it was stopped by a tree.
And that was the last thing she'd ever see.
The medics came and started checking them at last.
Debbie didn't seem bad so to the next one they passed.

But what they didn't see was her brain stem was severed.
that night was the last that Debbie would see, ever.
She laid in a coma for three long years
Se went home with her mama who loved her very dear.

Three years later she grew worse and died
What a waste for a life so very young.
Kids out riding and having fun.
Thinking that nothing can stand in their way
Never thinking that life could be taken away.

In memory of my cousin Debbie who was injured on her 
way to the prom when she was 16.  She stayed in a coma 
till she was 18 and then died from pneumonia . 
Driving too fast is dangerous no matter what age you are.  
Please take it easy behind the wheel of you may find 
yourself in Debbie's place

by Gloria Collins 10/1/03