They Are The Survivors

They are the survivors of a devastated town.
Now having to start over, scattered all around.
Looking for members of their families, sent to different states.
Oh, the pain in their hearts, while they have to wait.

Not knowing if each one is alive or dead.
The worrying has filled their hearts with dread.
Sending out messages through news papers and TV.
Please let my loved ones know that you've seen me.

And the little ones separated from their homes.
How will they know to whom they belong.
Some are just babies, they cannot tell.
Oh, God their parents must feel they're in hell.

The Littlest Survivor

As a mom I couldn't think of being away from my son.
My heart breaks for these families, each and every one.
I pray dear God that you wrap them in your loving arms.
And keep them all safe Lord from any more harm.

Comfort them and shelter them all through the night.
For they are lost and lonely and too tired to fight.
But they are the survivors of this living hell.
I send them my prayers and wish them all well.

by Gloria Collins  9/7/05  Home