This Place Called Cyber Land

I'm new to Cyber land, 
I've only been here a short while.
But when I send an email out, 
It always brings me back a smile.

I've met a lot of new friends, 
Who think the same as me
And when we chat in Cyber land, 
We're as happy as can be.

I've met people, 
From all different walks of life
From a teacher to a preacher
And even a house wife.

Even though we've never seen,
Each other on the streets
Each and every day
In Cyber land, we meet.

We sit and share our heartaches, 
Our happiness and fears.
And through the help of Cyber land, 
We've dried away some tears.

So if you'd like to join us,
Just sit for a while.
We'd be glad to sit and talk to you,
We'll greet you with a smile.

By Gloria Collins  7/8/03  Home