Through The Eye's Of My Savior

I closed my eyes and I thought I could see,
the face of the Lord staring back at me.
I felt amazed ,yet I felt disbelief,
I thought to my self, how could this be.

how could someone so unworthy as I,
be able look into our Master's eyes.
I closed my eyes and opened them again,
that's when I saw him reach out his hand's.

there were scars, where holes pierced, right threw to the bone,
and I knew I was safe and that I was finally at home.
yes, at home in that land, that I had always dreamed of,
free like the angels and filled with his heavenly love.

then I heard a voice whisper so sweet,
it's a shame to wake her, she looks so peaceful at sleep.
I opened my eye's and once again i was in bed, on earth below,
i whispered, how can this be? where did all the angels go?

they smiled at me and said, it must have been a dream,
but how can that be, I know what I seen.
please tell me it wasn't just a dream like they say,
then I heard a sweet voice whisper, it won't be someday.


written and copyrighted by
Gloria Jean Collins
July 2010

the name for this poem was
picked by my little sis
Lydia Bozeman
thanks sis for the help