Till We Meet Again


As you gather here on this day to say good bye.
Please don't be sad for me for I go to a far better place.
One where no pain or sorrow can enter in.
A beautiful place where the light shines so bright
That no human eye can look upon it.

As I leave this world to go to my new home.
I cross over a bridge one that leads from this world,
To the Kingdom of Heaven.
It is known as the "Bridge Of No More Sorrow"
I will stop half way in the middle, turn around,
And take one last look at my earthly home.
My family and my friends, and shed one last tear.

Then I will continue on, to meet the one,
Of whom I have dreamed of meeting all my life.
My lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
I will take His hand and enter with Him
Into those golden gates of Heaven.

There I will take my seat among all those
Who have gone before me 
and we will prepare for your coming.
So weep not for me, instead rejoice for me.
For the battle has been long,
But I have fought hard and although I hate to leave you,
I will always be with you in your memories and your dreams.

When you feel that you miss me,
Take out one of those old memories,
And it will comfort you.
But life must carry on without me.
So I ask this one last thing of you.
Do not dwell on the sorrow of today.
Instead, live each day, as if it were your last!

It's not good bye my loved ones,
We will meet again.

By Gloria Collins 10/16/02