Time To Gather The Flock


Twas the night before christmas and all over town
Christians were kneeling,with their heads bowed down.
They were worshiping their Savior for all that he's done,
He's worthy of their praise he's God's only son.


He came down to save them from a life filled with sin
In a far away manger his life did begin.
They know that the Savior, will soon come back
Soon this old earth would be under, the devil's attack


So they kneel down in prayer for all the lost souls
Hoping they will be saved ,before the bells toll.
They need to pray that the lost ones , find their way home
To give their lives to Jesus, or in hell they will roam.


This wonderful story of his birth long ago
Is a beautiful story that never grows old.
 This christmas day, won't you kneel down in prayer.
Give thanks to our Savior ,show him that you care.


And pray for his sheep, to all gather in one flock
Before he comes back and earthly life for us stops.

By Gloria Collins  12/02/05