To Carrie On Her Birthday

It's been over a year now while surfing cyber streets.
A Christian lady named Carrie I happened there to meet.
I read all about her life then I wrote and told her about mine.
It seemed like we became friends in just a short amount of time.

Now here it is her birthday and I couldn't wait to say.
Have a happy birthday Carrie, on this your special day.
Carrie you mean so much to me, I just wanted you to know.
How very important you are to me and I had to tell you so.

I wish you love, I wish you peace and happiness galore.
I wish you health and riches, a thousand times and more.
May the Lord shine upon you and your day be sunny and bright.
And may all your birthday wishes be fulfilled for you tonight.

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!
Written for my dearest friend,
Carrie Kinyon

by Gloria Collins 
Sept. 2003