To Inca

When I think of your mother, I think of you.
So gifted and talented not another like you.
Her eyes they saw through yours each day.
Always loving and helpful to show her the way.

Never complaining of things you had to do.
To make her life complete, there was always you.
Your kindness and giving made her happy and strong.
She always knew she had you to lean upon.

You were her eyes, her feet, her daughter, her friend.
Your kindness and love saw her through to the end.
So when the stars in heaven shine down upon you.
It's her amazing way of saying, Thank You!

In gratitude to my niece, Inca Ramirez for all the love and kindness 
she showed in the care of her mother, my oldest sister, Agnes Rosemary Ramirez, 
who lost her sight and both of her legs to diabetes.  Inca showed what 
a great nurse she was when she stepped in and cared for her mother till 
my sisters death 6/18/1999.  I just wanted to say I'm proud of you.

by Gloria Collins 2000