'Twas The Night Before Christmas
(my version)

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
The children were being quiet as a mouse.
Their mother was reading a bible story to them.
When her little boy with a question broke in.

How come people don't believe what the bible has to say?
Why doesn't anybody remember to pray?
Have they forgotten Jesus and he died for our sins?
Just look what a mess this poor world is in.

There's murder and rape, stealing of cars.
Drinking and fighting in some sleazy bar.
There's killing of kids and drug abuse too.
What in the world is this earth coming to?

Then a tear rolled down the young boy's cheek.
The things he had thought of were so hard to speak.
He said, "Please mommy, tell Santa not to leave me any toys.
Although I know I've been a good little boy.

Tell him to leave me a new world instead,
One where I won't be afraid to get out of bed.
A world where there's love and peace all around.
Where the name of Jesus in each home will be found.

Then he knelt down that night with a heart full of love.
Knowing that Jesus would be listening above.
He prayed dear Jesus please bless this world that I'm living in.
From violence and crime and everyday sin.

Please make it safe for little children like me.
A beautiful place for our kids to see.
Where the rich and the poor, the young and the old,
Walk hand in hand and you are their goal.

Where the name of Jesus on every tongue will be heard,
Where love will be spoken without saying a word.
So thank you dear Jesus for listening to me.
To know that you're there, means so much to me.

So to bed I will go, but before to sleep I do fall,
Happy birthday dear Jesus!

by Gloria Collins  11/29/01   Home