Under a shade tree

As I walked down an old dirt road,
Long were the miles, heavy was my load.

I passed an old man with sandals on his feet,
His hair it shone like silver, his smile was soft and sweet.

He said, come sit down beside me under this shade tree and rest,
Iíll pretend it is my home and you can be my guest.

You look like you have a lot on your mind,
I feel your heart has been burdened for such a long, long time.

Then I decided it would be nice to take a rest,
So I said I would be happy to sit and be your guest.

We sat under that old shade tree for quite a little while,
He let me talk a lot and he just listened with a smile.

Then my burdens seemed much lighter so I went upon my way,
But I met my best friend Jesus, under a shade tree that day.

© by Gloria Collins  1/28/2004