we're fighting cancer

I was once, a normal little girl,
with ribbons and bows and lots of curls.
I was once ,a normal little boy,
who loved to play with trucks and toys.

 now all we know is hospitals and pain,
doctors and nurses,life's not the same.
we are just babies, toddlers and teens,
and some of those other ages between.

 we want to live and have a normal life,
grow up to be someone's husband or wife.
raise our own kids, and grand kids too,
we want a chance to be just like you.

to go to school, or to read a book,
not see sadness in your eyes when we look.
we want to run and we want to play,
we want back, what cancer took away.

 we know you love us, with all of your hearts,
and to know we may leave you, just tears us apart.
this word that's named cancer, is so very big,
why can't it leave us alone and just let us live.

 we're tired of iv's, chemo and drugs
we just want a childhood of kisses and hugs
we just want to be carefree and happy again
the way we were before cancer began

 we pray for more time, to spend here with you,
and to do all the things, that we want to do.
so pray real hard, that a cure they will find,
because a life they might save, may just be mine.

   By Gloria Collins