We'll Never Forget

We will never forget that September day,
The whole world was changed in a horrible way.
Terrorist they came and invaded our skies,
Many people were killed and we'll never know why.

How could they be so cold and inhumane,
From all of these deaths, what did they gain.
Did they think that America would really forget,
That they killed all those people without any regrets.

America still stands, so stately and tall,
You may have killed some, but you can't kill us all.
We are a Godly nation, undivided and proud.
You cannot quiet our voices, they are many and loud.

We'll rise up against you and defend her with pride.
We cannot be defeated with God on our side.
Yes, America will always remember, that September day,
The memories are etched in our minds to stay.

We'll always remember the hero's who died,
But we know that they died with American Price.

God Bless the USA

By Gloria Collins 8/13/02