Webmaster In Training

I am learning to do my webpages, all on my own,
I'm learning to spruce up, my poetry cyber home.
My webmaster tells me,that she's so proud of me,
Each time i make a new page, she can't wait to see.

I'm learning a lot of things ,like something called html,
And if you do it wrong, it can be pure cyber hell.
I have finally mastered, something called a tripple page,
Now that i learned i can do it, i feel a little brave.

I'm learing about tables ,cell properties and more,
And maybe soon i'll be making webpages galore.
I'm just a webmaster in training ,but one day i hope to be,
Just as good as the webmaster who has taught me.


Just wanted to say thanks to
My webmaster Carrie
And by daughter April
For all the help they have
given me

by Gloria Collins  1/15/2006