What Do You See

What do you see when you look at me
Is the girl that you married what you see
Or has an old woman taken her place
With the age now showing upon her face?

The love that you had for the woman you married
Is it still there of is it dead and buried
Has the passion you felt like a flame burning bright
Still flickering somewhere in your heart tonight?

Will the bond that we share be enough to behold
Will you still love me when I'm withered and old
Sometimes I watch you as you sleep at night
And think of your arms still holding me tight.

To know that you love me still gives me a thrill
I loved you back them and I always will.
So I hope that you see when you look at me
The girl that you married is as happy as can be.

 For my wonderful husband, Timothy Collins
I love you.

by Gloria Collins  9/22/03