What he means to me

 I was lost and lonely in a world full of sin
Then Jesus my savior He took me in.
He came into my life and turned it around.
Now my heart is full of joy and I知 heaven bound.

I値l keep my eyes upon Him, during my walk through life.
For He値l keep me safe through heartaches and strife.
He is the beginning, the end and all that痴 between.
My rock of salvation and on Him I can lean.

When the going gets rough, on Him I can call.
He値l be there to catch me, if I stumble and fall.
I love this dear savior with all of my heart.
And nothing on this earth can tear us apart.

One day in heaven I値l walk with Him,
My Lord, My Savior, My Jesus, My Friend.

ゥ by Gloria Collins 1/28/2003