What Will I Do With This Man Jesus?


For this man Jesus, I would give away all that I own,
My earthly possessions, my family, my home.
I would walk through the lakes of fire in hell,
This body is flesh, it's only a shell.

I would lay down my life for God's only Son,
For He is the truth, He is the one.
I'd climb up a mountain and yell from the top,
He is my Savior, my Shepard, my Rock!

For this man Jesus, I'll proudly stand,
And profess love for Him all over this land.
He gave His life upon that old tree,
Because of His love for you and for me.

So I'll continue to tell about all that He's done.
This man Jesus, God's only Son.
I proudly tell His story right up to the end,
That's what I'll do, what will you do my friend?

By Gloria Collins