When I Stand Before The master

When I stand before the master, on that great judgment day.
I want to her Him whisper, well done my child you can stay.
I want to look up at Him and see His smiling face.
I want to hear Him say it's over my child you've won the race.

Then I'll know that my battle was worthy of His grace,
And my trials will all be over when I look into His face.
Just to stand there in His presence makes all my pain worth while.
Just to know that He loves me helps me run the extra mile.

So when I stand before the master He'll know my heart is true,
For what ever He may ask me, He knows that I will do.
I will bow down to the master and kiss His holy feet.
Then take His hand and walk with Him, down the golden street.

By Gloria Collins 8/8/03