Where Is My Mommy?

Where is my mommy, where can she be
Please God, I need her, won't you send her to me
They say she's in heaven and it's way up in the sky
Can she see me dear God and the tears that I've cried?

Please tell her I miss her and that I feel so alone
That daddy and I wish she could come back home.
I bet she's now an angel with wings flowing wide
MY heart feels so empty since the day that she died.

My daddy says one day we'll all be together again
That's she's with your son Jesus and He is our friend.
And if I be real good and say all of my prayers
Then one day we will all be together up there.

So please tell mommy that I'll promise to be good
I'll listen to my daddy and do all that I should
Tell her that I'll make her so proud of me
And that  one day in heaven with her I will be.

Written in hopes it will help a child learn to deal
With the heart break of losing a parent.
And to show them God is the only answer.

by Gloria Collins  9/21/03