Which Will You Choose?

The return of our Lord is drawing nigh
The signs are all present, you cannot deny.
He said He'd be back when the trumpets sound
And those not of Him will be left standing around.

Left to live on the earth under Satan's reign
A time of great trials, of famine and pain.
He'll try to cause you the Lord to deny
By promising great riches, but it's only lies.

No greater riches will you ever receive
Then from God above if only you believe.
He said He'd be back to get us someday
And take us to His home in the sky far away.

But we must stand on His word as the truth.
For without trust in the Lord, what is the use?
I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold
I'll gladly stand and be counted as a lamb in His fold.

So will you be ready my friend
 When He gives the call,
Or will you ignore our Savior
And into the pits of hell fall?

by Gloria Collins