Why Won't The Pieces Fit

A puzzle can be a joy to do, when all the pieces seem to fit
but then one or two pieces get lost and on a table it just sits

you may find a piece upon the floor and try with all your might
but no matter how hard you try, it never fits just right

Autism is like a puzzle, where pieces don't fit where they should
still you try to fit them together, while wishing that you could.

you try and try again and pray to God above
why did this have to happen, to this little one that I love.

but the answers never seem to come and you may never know
why Autism had to happen and where do the pieces go.

written and copyrighted by
Gloria Collins

written for my son lane ,age 5 who has Autism
and for all of the others out there who
suffer from this terrible disease 
and their families who have to deal with
the stress Autism can cause.
may God bless each one of you